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Jesse James: Imposter or Real?

The following is based on historical facts taken from FOX NEWS, May 31, 2000, by Matt Perry, Associated Press.

Jesse James, the famous outlaw who robbed banks and trains during the Civil War years and beyond, died in 1882 by a gunshot wound to the head.  Before his death, he had recruited Bob and Charlie Ford to help him rob a bank.  However, a $10,000 reward proved too tempting to the Ford brothers.  While visiting Jesse at his home, Bob Ford drew his gun and fatally shot Jesse in the back of his head.


There are those who believe that Jesse James faked his death and assumed the name of J. Frank Dalton of Granbury, Texas. They believe that Jesse James lived to be over 104 years old.


In 1995 in Kearny, Missouri, the body of Jesse James was exhumed and DNA was extracted from his teeth.  The DNA sample analysis was compared from the descendants of James’ sister.  The results showed with 99.7% accuracy that the bones were indeed those of Jesse James.


What type of DNA was analyzed? How did the analysis prove that it was the body of Jesse James in the Missouri grave? Circle the correct answer and explain in the space provided below.


·        Genomic DNA

·        Nuclear DNA

·        Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)  


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